Introducing: Chromag Gloves

Date Mar 17, 2020

From the same crew that brought you the OSX handlebar and the Trailmaster LTD saddle, Chromag Bikes is launching two new pairs of gloves.

We're very proud to announce the introduction of two new gloves to our tech line, our first ever for those new to Chromag. The Habit is available in black or charcoal heather and the Tact is available in grey or orange

Gloves 1.jpg

The Habit, shown below in black, is an ultra lightweight but durable glove for riders who like a minimalist feel. The Habit was designed for those who wear gloves more for the added grip and moisture wicking benefits, than for protection. Tonal branding is in-keeping with the minimal ethos of this slip-on glove and touch screen compatibility adds the finishing touches.

Gloves 2.jpg

Both models feature 4 way stretch material, laser cut palm venting and absorbent moisture wipe thumbs.

Gloves 3.jpg

  • Lightweight, Formfitting 4 Way Stretch Top Material
  • 4 Way Stretch Finger Gusset Fabric for Flexibility and Airflow
  • Seamless Fingertip Construction
  • Absorbent Moisture Wipe on Thumb
  • Touchscreen Compatible
  • Laser Cut Venting on AX SUEDE CONNECT™ Palm
  • Comfortable | Durable | Breathable
Gloves 4.jpg

Gloves 5.jpg

The Tact is by no means a moto glove from the early 00's, plastered with plastic protection, but it is slightly more weighty with a heavier polyester-nylon grid fabric and features a Velcro wrist closure for those who prefer a more secure feel.

The AX RITTER™ palm on the Tact is slightly beefier, and has a polyurethane injected pattern for a tackier feel. The palm material wraps around the fingers and outer edges to provide extra durability for those who roll their hands outward slightly, or even for the occasional brush passed a tree at a tight point in the trail.

Gloves 6.jpg

  • Durable, Formfitting 4 Way Stretch Top Grid Material
  • 4 Way Stretch Finger Gusset Fabric for Flexibility and Airflow
  • Seamless Fingertip Construction
  • Velcro Wrist Closure
  • Absorbent Moisture Wipe on Thumb
  • Laser Cut Venting on Tacky AX RITTER™ Palm
  • Durable | Comfortable | Versatile
Gloves 7.jpg

The colouring on the Tact is both bold, and contrasting. The palm material extends to the outer edges of the hand, providing added durability when skimming passed trees (or maybe you really can corner that low?!).

Gloves 8.jpg

The Tact and Habit gloves are available in XS, S, M, L, XL & XXL.

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2 years, 4 months ago

No palm shot of the Habit? It's a pretty key feature of a glove I find.

2 years, 4 months ago
+1 Pete Roggeman

They had these and some light knee pads (which you can actually see in some of the shots of the gloves) available to buy at the BC Bike Show last month - I picked up a pair of the Habit gloves, so here's a shot of what the palms look like until the professionals take some nicer pictures haha.

The palms of the Habit gloves.

Pete Roggeman
2 years, 4 months ago

We're just working with the photos we were sent for this PR, however, we've got some gloves on the way, and we'll be sure to flash the palms for ya.


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