Infestation of the Travel Bugs

Date Sep 10, 2015

Ahh the travel bug. Like a mosquito bite or a sign advertising “free pies,” it’s just something that you can’t ignore. We’ve gone international this week to bring you a world-wide selection of Weekend Warmup material. The best part? No vaccination jabs required.

We Ride in Iran

When someone says “Iran,” it’s not usually followed up by “world-class ski destination.” Which is why we’re pumped to see this trailer, and are hotly anticipating the full film come wintertime.

Raw Runs in Colorado

70+ Mph on rough as hell roads, with Metallica to boot. We can dig it.

55 Hours in Mexico

Just how much can you accomplish in just one weekend?

Skate to Nowhere

What do you do when your local doesn’t really have a spot?

MASH – Fixie Madness

Another flick we’re looking forward to seeing. Looks like tons of hard-charging one ring suffering going on, even if the tires are a bit thin.

Travelling Paris with Matthias Dandois

Best croissant in all of Paris you say?

Trike Driftin’

Now this looks like some proper redneck fun.

Now if only we could find our passport…

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