RideWrap, Coast Mountain Brewing and Yoann Barelli Bring You the B.A.Y.R.

Date Jun 3, 2021

Local to the Sea to Sky and looking for something to do Friday night? RideWrap, along with Coast Mountain Brewing are holding a launch party for their new B.A.Y.R. brew at RMU Whistler. 100% of the proceeds from their new beer will be donated to the Grow Cycling foundation to promote diversity and inclusion in the cycling world. Read on below for all the details, and how you can score a sweet top tube sticker to boot...

RideWrap, Coast Mountain Brewing and Yoann Barelli have created the first beer engineered to quench your post ride thirst. Post ride thirst is a tricky one to quench. There are lots of options out there that ‘get the job done’. But what if you are driven to do better? Possessed by the pursuit of perfection. Tantalized by the task of taking things to the top tier. That desire can drive a person completely mad.

With the help of our friends at Coast Mountain Brewing, and a special guest appearance by Prof. Yolo (Yoann), we have crafted a post ride beverage that is sure to satisfy.

Coast_June (1 of 12).jpg

Introducing; B.A.Y.R. (Beer After You Ride). A crisp and highly sessionable Kölsch Style Ale.


To celebrate the launch we will be hosting a Karma Keg at RMU Blackcomb, Friday June 4th. And 100% of the proceeds from the Karma Keg will be donated to the Grow Cycling Foundation. Grow Cycling is a foundation that promotes education, access and opportunities that increase diversity and inclusion in cycling.


This limited-run beer can be found in liquor stores in the Sea To Sky or purchased through the Coast Mountain Brewing website and delivered across B.C. The first 1,000 four packs will come with one of three custom designed top tube protective decals. Collect all three or trade with your friends.

Top Tubes2.png

B.A.Y.R. will be available on tap exclusively at Coast Mountain and RMU Blackcomb.


Please enjoy responsibly.

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cxfahrer  - June 4, 2021, 10:55 p.m.

Drinking Kölsch out of a tin can? You must be kidding.


Sethimus  - June 8, 2021, 12:44 p.m.

claims to be interested in the environment, releases beer in cans…


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