La Bresse Line choice 2018
Cathrovision World Cup Videos

How did Martin Maes Crush the Field?

Ben Cathro has been producing the most interesting World Cup content of late. His line choice videos have demystified some of the factors that allow the best riders to shine. Stringing together a few Cathro lines can buy you a big chunk of time. 

I've even heard that there's a groundswell of support from riders who would like to see Ben added to the commentator line up on Redbull TV.  

Below you'll find his theory about how Martin Maes laid down a run, and in particular one segment, that the best downhillers in the world couldn't touch. You'll notice there is no commentary because Martin wasn't among the last twenty starters.

Martin Maes Winning Run from La Bresse
Some really interesting line choice clips and a chat with Gwin about his new wagon wheeler.
And one more of Ben's videos from La Bresse

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+1 grambo pedalhound Kelownakona

He was also riding the brand new GT Fury with a high-idler... good success with that bike design this year on the WC scene... I got to ride this bike at the GT product launch at Crankworx and its a pinner... way more capable than I will ever be!!



Cathro’s videos are interesting and his pieces are informative. I just wish he would change his super-smug style I find his presentation irritating. 

He should take a leaf out of Warner and Wyn’s book.

He would then do some of the best MTB vids on the net (for those into racing) and would def deserve a regular Red Bull racing show.



Eh, I love his manner of speaking personally, find it engaging...

And Red Bull cheers for finally finding the full run footage of Maes. Wow he looks fast in the middle section! Full attack.



yer, i love the chap just the way he is. great content.



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