How to buy a mountain bike

How to Buy a Mountain Bike - by IFHT

Video IFHT Films

Buy a mountain bike you mediocre sack of garbage.

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+2 AJ Barlas Pete Roggeman

Haha... ok, I used to ride a lot "back in the day", then I took a 10 year "hiatus" before getting back in this past January, so not a total noob.  But, fuck did this video hit home for me.  I was literally, like 15 minutes ago, showing some work colleagues video of me "shredding" some "gnar" this past weekend... and while it's playing, I look over at the glazed look in their eyes and their overly fake smiles and realized... "fuck, these people don't give two shits about this... like at all... they are literally hating watching this right now".  Which made me laugh inside and so I made them watch a video of my kids riding... ahahahahaha, that'll show them, fuckers!!

Then I researched for about two hours while at work, how I to upgrade the drivetrain on a sweet deal of bike I bought for my wife to 1x... and really that's the only thing missing from this video.  In the video the guy met a riding chick... but if you're already married, one of those hilarious next steps is "getting your spouse into riding".  Which is turning out awesome by the way...

Anyway, great video, made push air through my nose a little faster than usual multiple times...


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