Hey Neighbour – Sterling Lorence

Words Seb Kemp
Video Matt Dennison
Date Dec 17, 2014

Hey Neighbour is the brain child of Seb Kemp and it’s coming back in 2015. To warm you up we’re posting our favourites from the first season. Despite his undeniable impact on mountain biking, and how his powerful photos brought the North Shore to the world, Sterling Lorence wasn’t a no-brainer for Hey Neighbour. He is simply too well known. After some thought we realized that, despite many people the world over knowing his name and his work, few knew more about the man himself.

Below you’ll find an excerpt from Seb’s article as well as Matt Dennison’s video. Look for the link below to see Hey Neighbour in its original form with Seb Kemp’s excellent, unabridged verbage.

Sterling Lorence or the North Shore – which came first? The trails and riding were products of the environment, as was Sterling. But without someone unique on hand to document the essence of what was happening in these mountains, perhaps a different image of the Shore would have emerged.

Sterling Lorence grew up on the North Shore. He lived here, he was schooled here, he played here, and when mountain bikes came into his life, he rode here. Sterling was a good rider with race results and a list of conquered trails to prove it. However, it was his ability to to capture the fundamental spirit of the North Shore that set him apart.

To see some of Sterling’s most iconic images and Seb’s entire text click here.

Do you have a favourite Sterling Lorence image?

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