Henty Enduro
So enduro!

Henty Enduro Backpack

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Tasmania's Henty was showing off their new Enduro Backpack at Outdoor Demo. Though it was soft-launched at the EWS in their backyard earlier this year, this is the first we've seen of the low-profile pack in North America. The pack holds up to a 3-liter bladder of the customer's choice, and offers an additional 5-liters of storage for tools and such, including a waterproof zippered pocket for all things smartphone. An adjustable waist strap and shoulder straps are designed to fit a wide variety of body types and distribute the weight of a full bladder impressively well - at least while standing in their booth for a few minutes.

Enduro Backpack

Henty adds another notch in the sliding scale of "minimalist" with their Enduro Backpack.

Not quite Henry Ford, the Henty pack will be available in camo as well as black. But, the camo comes with a $20 premium due to importing the material from New York to Taz, then back to the US for distribution. Both are available now, with retail prices at $110 and $130.

Enduro Backpack 2

Scaled down backpack, or lumbar pack on steroids?

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