Hardtail Hooning Perfect for Winter

Video Tom Caldwell

“I’ve ridden in worse.” Oh the optimism of youth.

Nukeproof release their freshly updated Scout hardtail with a ragged and raw video that just makes you want to ride, rather than the more typical, glossy, launch video we regularly see. 

Shot in the North West of England, where "the dust is wet and the air is thick with the smell of freshly spread manure mixed with that stench of stale water that hasn't moved for an eternity", the video features what you'd expect for typical winter riding in the UK and here in the PNW. The action on the trails was impressive with the comedic trio of Elliott Heap, Luke Cryer and Nigel Page throwing wild shapes. 

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Oh the optimism of youth? Seriously? Because of the weather? 

Perfect winter conditions.....after a certain age time is precious and that is a bigger issue than cold temps and a but of mud.


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