Hailey and Ollie Road Trip

Hailey and Ollie go to America

Photos Ollie Jones and Hailey Elise
Video Ollie Jones

This past fall, Ollie Jones and Hailey Elise embarked on another American road trip. They loaded their bikes into their beloved Toyota Tacoma and set off to cover as much ground as they could over 30 days. The plan was to drive south through Oregon to California, on to Nevada, Virgin, and finally, to Green River, Utah. 7,000km round trip.

Hailey and Ollie Road Trip

Right from the start, it wasn’t smooth sailing. One the longest storms ever (from Japan all the way over the ocean) hit the Pacific Northwest. Driving to stay ahead of it cut out riding Bellingham and parts of Oregon. But just because it wasn’t easy, didn’t mean it wasn’t fun…

The name Death Valley conjures ...well...death. In fact, it’s full of life, just not so obvious.

The road trip came to a halt in Virgin where Ollie and Hailey dove right into Redbull Rampage. For both of them, the experience was nothing short of incredible.

Hailey and Ollie Road Trip 6

From watching the diggers put sweat and blood into the lines to witnessing many firsts, the general consensus was to put it on your bucket list to see if you already haven’t.

Hailey and Ollie Road Trip 7

After the event, it was time to sink their wheels into the red dirt of Virgin.

Hailey and Ollie Road Trip 8

The old Rampage site is the perfect place for progression with endless jumps and steep lines scattered all over the mesa. Ollie was in his element.

Hailey and Ollie Road Trip 11

After a few days on the old site, the pair packed their truck and headed to their final stop: Green River.

Hailey and Ollie Road Trip 9

Day one in Green River. It all seemed to promising at this point.

Hailey and Ollie Road Trip 10

The autumn season in this part of the desert is deceiving. High temps during the day give way to ones hovering around zero. What’s more, the wind seems to come and go with a vengeance. Ollie found a gap in the weather and took the opportunity to send a classic feature into the grey Green River dirt.

Hailey and Ollie Road Trip 12

What started out as the perceived climax of the trip swiftly turned into a struggle. Find out all about it in Ollie and Hailey’s Another American Road Trip video!

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