The Hack Bike Derby

Date Apr 19, 2016

Usually when you gather 17 of the UK’s best framebuilders together, there’s an awful lot of gorgeous bikes to be shown off. The Hack Bike Derby was a not one of those gatherings. Instead, builders were challenged to produce a steel bike resembling a klunker for £300 all in. No disc brakes, no laser-cut dropouts, and no swanky paint jobs. This is what they managed to come up with.

Don’t bet on buying one of these frames from anyone any time soon… Though to be fair, you could probably just make your own.

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Cooper Quinn  - April 20, 2016, 11:59 p.m.

This made me happy. A bunch of dudes fcking around on bikes, just generally being stoked. Riding sht trails on sh*t bikes… and loving it.

There's a lesson somewhere in there. (Its probably 'drink more beer'.)


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