Guerrilla Gravity Launches The Smash V2

Guerrilla Gravity is excited to announce The Smash V2 with updates to geometry, kinematics, and travel. The updates build on The Smash’s breadth of capabilities, making our best selling all-arounder even more versatile.


Better Climbing, Better Descending

We took rider feedback into careful consideration to make changes where change matters.

A refined leverage curve, improved anti-squat kinematics, and an increase to 150 mm of travel results in improved climbing performance and even more capable descending.

The main pivot location was moved to concentrate higher anti-squat values in the climbing position, and decreasing chain growth deeper into the travel. Combined with additional suspension progression and more travel, The Smash V2 gains efficiency on the climbs and a more bottomless feel on the descents.

Additionally, the chainstay length increases by 6 mm for more climbing traction and balanced cornering.

Improved Ride Quality

Using Revved Carbon’s unique vibration damping properties in the front triangle and swingarm, the ride feels smooth and in-control. Riders will also notice snappier handling due to a 50% increase in lateral stiffness vs. the previous alloy swingarm. All of this while saving 90 grams.

The updated suspension platform is softer off the top and uses the improved anti-squat kinematics for a supportive pedaling platform that maintains good traction on technical climbs. This combo means the V2 Smash is comfortable for long days in the saddle, exploring the backcountry.


"The Smash is my anywhere-anytime bike. When I'm headed out for a big day filled with varied terrain, it's what I choose. From gnarly big mountain lines to cruising local flow trails, The Smash is my go-to adventure rig. It’s ready for anything I throw its way." - Nate Spitz from the Into The Gnar Progression Team

Modular Frame Platform

The Smash V2 continues to build on our unique Modular Frame Platform, where sustainably minded design meets high tech engineering. This platform provides an alternative way for riders to approach their bike quiver.

Buying a GG isn’t just celebrating new bike day, but also investing into the future of your riding where your bike can evolve with you. It’s a more conscientious way to update your bike lineup, keeping the principles of reduce and reuse top of mind.

The V2 Smash rear triangle is compatible with current Revved front triangles. Aftermarket kits will be available in the coming months, in both current and past colorways.

Like all GG bikes, The Smash is handbuilt here in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies, which are some of the toughest proving grounds around.

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To learn more and try one out for yourself, head to

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