GT Introduces All-New Force and Sensor and the Return of LTS

Words GT Bicycles
Date Jul 9, 2018

GT Bicycles has released entirely new versions of its all-mountain and trail bike platforms – Force and Sensor. Redesigned from the ground up, the Force is built to bridge the gap between all-mountain and enduro for good times on rowdy terrain, while the Sensor is the trail bike for riders who want to ride more and think less. Both bikes feature a new take on GT’s legendary Linkage Tuned Suspension (LTS).


“These bikes were designed around our updated LTS platform without using any proprietary components,” said Cait Dooley, GT Bicycles Global Director of Product. “This allows riders to choose how they want their bike to perform whether they’re racing on the Force or hitting their home trails on the Sensor.”


The core of the Force and Sensor is LTS, a versatile platform that can be easily tuned for all categories and travel segments of mountain bikes. “LTS is a four-bar suspension system that allowed us to fine tune and target metrics we wanted to achieve such as bump absorption, braking, and pedaling performance. We were also able to fine tune grip and stability, resulting in bikes that are very fun to ride,” said Luis Arraiz, GT Frame Engineer. 

“The new Sensor and Force offer a perfect blend of fun and efficiency,” added Patrick Kaye, GT Bicycles Senior Product Manager. “It’s great to update and incorporate some of GT’s iconic designs like flip chip, Groove Tube and Linkage Tuned Suspension into the line.”


The Force and Sensor’s flip chip technology changes the bottom bracket height by 7mm, the head angle by .75°, and the reach by 5 mm. When set to high, riders will find pedaling optimized geometry that gives them improved climbing efficiency and more clearance to avoid pedal strikes. When set to low, the bikes become slacker for more control on the descents so riders can charge with confidence. 

While the Force and Sensor share the same DNA, they are very different bikes. Featuring 150mm of travel and 27.5-inch wheels, the Force is designed to get down and dirty and eat up tough, technical terrain. The Sensor, with its 130mm of travel and room for burly 29-inch wheels, is an aggressive trail bike that punches above its weight. 


GT has also taken the swearing out of maintenance with the Groove Tube which not only gives the Force and Sensor a sleek profile, but also allows cables on the bikes to be routed externally providing easy upkeep.  

GT’s Factory Racing team played a crucial role in the development and testing of the new Force and Sensor putting the bikes through their paces. “Straight away I could feel that the new Force had huge potential,” said Martin Maes, GTFR team athlete. “Racing the bike and getting two podiums on the 2018 EWS circuit are a great achievement for the team!”


After putting several hours on the Sensor, GTFR’s young gun Joey Foresta had this to say about it. “I was really comfortable during my first run on the bike. I was surprised by how nimble and fast it was. The Sensor is perfect for most types of riding!”


The GT Force and Sensor will be available in four and five models respectively. For more information on the all-new Force and Sensor, visit

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mike  - July 10, 2018, 7:33 p.m.

That Sensor looks fun.


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