Minnaar in Fearless by Taj Mihelich

Greg Minnaar: Fearless, Almost

Video Taj Mihelich
Date Nov 4, 2022

If only we could get more collaborations like this one! Greg tells the story very well and does a nice job with the details, and Taj's animation is incredible. Cameo by all around good guy Gaspare Licata (Crank Brothers CEO).

The great Greg Minnaar tells the story of his crash and injuries at the 2022 Val Di Sole World Cup Downhill race.

Animated by: Taj Mihelich @tajlucas https://www.tajmihelich.com
Music is thanks to: Able Drugger's song Silencer https://abledrugger.bandcamp.com/albu...
Jape's song Floating https://jape.bandcamp.com/music
Sound by Jeff Frenette.

Story told by: Greg Minnaar Gaspara Licata Sarah Cannon

Thanks to: Stew Johnson David Jack Anthill Films Sandy Carson Karen Kloss
Extra special thanks to: Greg Minnaar for sharing his story.

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