Redbull Rampage 2019

Gonzo Photos from Rampage Practice

Words Cam McRae
Date Oct 25, 2019

Rampage eve is an exciting time for many of us. Whatever else is happening tomorrow, it's an excuse for me to shut out the world and watch some ridiculously talented athletes ride lines tailor made to show off their best riding.

There's nothing like it in any other action sport because Rampage is one of a kind. Yes there are big mountain snow events, but those are held all over the world. This is once a year fora lucky(?) group who can't wait to huck themselves.

It looks like the theme this year is HUGE! Here are some photos from the event that caught my eye.


When I saw the thumbnail of this image I knew instantly it was Andreu Lacondeguy. He's always a threat and one of the most exciting riders to watch. Photo - Peter Morning/Redbull Content Pool


Tyler McCaul is due it seems. He seems to have some bad luck at Rampage but by the look of this shot, maybe this is his year. Photo - Michael Clark/Redbull Content Pool


Tom Van Steenbergen never seems to get his due at Rampage. Despite innovative and stylish riding on huge features, he's never captured the judges' attention. Photo - Peter Morning/Redbull Content Pool


Kurt Sorge is the winningest Rampage rider there is. He always seems to lay down clean runs. The man must have nerves of steel. Photo - Paris Gore/Redbull Content Pool


The photos of Vincent Tupin suggest the man is going huge whenever possible. Photo - Garth Milan/Redbull Content Pool


I heard some rumours that suggested Brandon Semenuk was done with Virgin. I'm glad to see he'll be riding after a disappointing effort in 2018. Photo - Peter Morning/Redbull Content Pool


It's hard to imagine Kyle Strait ever stepping away from Rampage. I thought the same about Darren Berrecloth as well, but injury has forced him to hang it up. Photo - Long Nguyen/Redbull Content Pool


My memory can be a little shifty, but I could have sworn I heard Cam Zink say he was stepping away from Rampage. I'm not surprised to see him there regardless. Photo - Paris Gore/Redbull Content Pool


A tidy little step down from Reed Boggs. Photo - Garth Milan/Redbull Content Pool


Brendan Fairclough tends to be a crowd favourite at Rampage. Count me as one of those fans. Photo - Michael Clark/Redbull Content Pool


A look at the course in the fading light. Photo - Garth Milan/Redbull Content Pool

An exciting final without many crashes would be great, but my only real hope is no major injuries this year. Good luck to all the competitors.

Click to catch the action here at 9:00 am PST.

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