Going Way Out on a Limb

Date Nov 26, 2015

Strange things happen when you take an idea to its illogical conclusion. Things like strapping two people to one pair of skis. Or sprinting through a busy city for the sake of a bike polo match. It can also lead to pretty incredible feats, though, so we’ve gathered a few oddballs and inspirations to get you set for the weekend.

Tandem Skiing Backflips

“I think it’s the greatest, stupidest idea I’ve heard of in a long time.”

Tony Hawk and the Horizontal Loop

We don’t think this guy will ever stop doing ridiculous things, so long as he’s able to stand on a board.


Justin Barcia shows that Cali isn’t the only place to get rad on a moto.

Late for Polo

Théo Jenneau is running late, but manages to find a few ways to shave some seconds off his commute.

Riding With Good Company

Tons of rail close-out action had us watching this one a few times.

We’re Not Dying Today

Hang-Fives at 65 km/h generally aren’t a good idea. The exception of course is if your name is Mike “Hucker” Clark.

In the Land of Concrete Skinnies

The world is no stranger to people riding absurdly narrow things, but this guy’s cornering skills earn him extra bonus points.

It may have been some slow-speed riding, but damn if that 90º corner hopping isn’t impressive.

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