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Giro Insurgent Spherical Helmet

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I covered the launch of Giro's all new downhill helmet, the Insurgent, back in June. Since then I've been riding the Giro Insurgent on the Shore and the Whistler Bike Park. TLDR; the Insurgent is a ~1,000 gram, DH-certified, well-ventilated, spherical MIPS, full face helmet with a price of 450 CAD / 350 USD.

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I think the Giro Insurgent is a great looking helmet, particularly in this blue and white colour scheme.

Fit & Features

I'm riding the size medium, and as I said in the launch article, it fit my extra medium head snugly when new. Since then it's packed out just a bit to result in a very comfortable fit. The match with a variety of goggles is excellent, with equally excellent visibility. The only issue I've had with the Insurgent is that on severe compressions the outer portion of the helmet rotates downward, pressing the goggles into my nose. I found using more tension on the goggle strap reduced this issue with all the goggles I've got. The Spherical Mips works I guess!

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Some of the trails around here have a lot of ups and downs, and while the Giro Insurgent is certainly warmer than an open face helmet, it is surprisingly cool for one with this much protection.

The inner padding of the helmet feels nice against the face, and seems to wick away moisture well. The Giro Insurgent is well-ventilated, and you can feel the air flow through the helmet once you start moving. I don't see myself wearing the Insurgent for long pedally rides on hot days, but I would be more inclined to wear the Insurgent on shuttle / pedal days where I'd normally reach for an open face helmet. All the finishing details are well-made and executed. The visor, D-Rings, padding, and trim all have a feeling of quality.

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The Giro Insurgent gives a bit of extra confidence for that sketchy mossy move you just spotted.

Fortunately I haven't evaluated the main purpose of the Insurgent: adsorbing an impact. That said, Giro has always made class-leading helmets, and I have no reason to doubt their claims. You can read a little more about Spherical MIPS technology here. Beyond the major features, I appreciate the added protection from the squishy sides intended to reduce pressure on the collar bone in a crash. Every part of the Insurgent feels well thought out and executed.

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I like how Giro have cleanly integrated the intake vents with the styling of the helmet.

The Giro Insurgent is a great mid-weight full face helmet. I wish I had more to write and comment on, but the Insurgent just fades away once you put it on, and that's about the best compliment a helmet can get. It breathes exceptionally well, looks fantastic, is reasonably priced, and comfortable to wear. What more could you ask for?

Giro Insurgent Spherical Helmet - 450 CAD / 350 USD

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+3 Tim Coleman Deniz Merdano silverbansheebike

I wish Virginia Tech also rated full face helmets. Great photos, btw.


+2 Tim Coleman kcy4130

I think they're starting to.  They're got ratings for the Lazer Cage KinetiCore


+2 Deniz Merdano kcy4130

Agreed on both points. Deniz is killing it on the images!



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-1 OldManBike

Personally couldn't justify the pricetag for a mid-weight helmet with D-rings, but it sure does look nice.



What's the beef with D-rings?


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