Finn Iles - Sun Peaks - Paris Gore

FULL SPEED! - Launching Massive Jumps with Finn Iles

Photos Paris Gore
Video Rupert Walker, Calvin Huth and Clay Porter.

No schedule, no timed runs, no race day pressure... off season is a time when mountain bike downhill riders want to relax right? Not if you're Finn Iles though! The Whistler local rolled up his sleeves, got a crew together and travelled up to Sun Peaks resort, where they've created & filmed a true mtb masterpiece. Enjoy!

finn iles by paris gore

Large. Photo - Paris Gore

finn iles by paris gore 2

Full speed and some amplitude as well. Photo - Paris Gore

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It was really cool to see this build in real life, particularly the wooden drop, and I'm glad to finally see the finished product. 

However, I really can't enjoy the cut-heavy modern edit style. Its hard to get an appreciation of what's happening when you never get to see a line ridden from drop in to landing.



I enjoyed that, thanks. Great Friday-afternoon distraction from work.!


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