Freeze Ride: Fat, Rail or Steep

Date Dec 10, 2015

Like a good pull of espresso, we’ve managed to take an entire winter’s worth of snow-based shenanigans and compress it into a single post. So prepare yourself for everything from high-stakes mountaineering to a tropical surf vacation, and be sure to enjoy the crema.

Xavier De Le Rue – Nation

At this point in his career, we’re more apt to call Xavier a mountaineer that packs along a snowboard. Some of these approaches are simply insane.

Jesper Tjäder – Unrailistic

We keep looking for the videogame layover, but apparently this is real life.

Winter Barrels All Over the World

Who said water had to be frozen to be fun? Clearly they’ve never been barreled like this before.

Fatbike Like Danny Mac

Fatbiking has never look like so much fun.

Keeping it Weird in the UK

In case this wasn’t enough, here’s some more proof that that you don’t need much snow to enjoy some two-plank action.

Snow Daze

If you’ve ever wanted to mainline an entire video of banger clips, this is the thing you’ve been looking for.

Anyone else feeling a little overstimulated after that last one?

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