Fort William World Cup 2022 - Qualifying Results

Date May 21, 2022

The qualifying results from Fort William are in, with some surprising misses in the Elite Men's category. Check out the rankings below, and stay tuned for full final results on race day.

Elite Men
Elite Men 1
Elite Men 2
Elite Men 3
Elite Men 4
Elite Men 5
Elite Men 6
Elite Men 7
Elite Men 8
Elite Men 9
Elite Men 19
Elite Women
Elite Women 1
Elite Women 2
Junior Men
Junior Men 1
Junior Men 2
Junior Men 3
Junior Men 4
Junior Women
Junior Women 1

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1 month, 1 week ago
+1 Tremeer023

Can't wait for tomorrow's race! I thought the GOAT would take it easy this year, but it seems he's still at it!


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