FORGE + BOND Launches With Recyclable Thermoplastic Wheels

We've got a first look at the new FORGE + BOND wheels that you can check out here, what follows below is a release from the company outlining the technology, and specs on their first two sets of wheels.

FORGE+BOND, the manufacturer of recyclable thermoplastic carbon fiber bicycle wheels and components, debuted today by announcing the release of its first products: two new carbon wheelsets. The F+B 30 EM 29”, an enduro MTB wheel ($2,599 MSRP), and the F+B 25 GR 700c gravel wheel ($2,599 MSRP) will both be available today at and in select retailers spring 2023.

"At FORGE+BOND, we’re not just creating the best performing wheels on the planet, we're also reimagining the way the world rides," said Joe Wheadon, FORGE+BOND VP of Sales and Marketing. "From automated cutting and layup processes to delivering finished wheels, the production process is designed to save energy and eliminate waste at every step. FUSIONFIBER®, our proprietary advanced thermoplastic carbon fiber material, allows us to manufacture cycling components that can be recycled and made new again and again, forever. Our ultimate goal is to inspire others to join us in creating a world where nothing is wasted–not only in materials but also in resources and time.”


FORGE+BOND leverages an advanced thermoplastic composite material called FUSIONFIBER®, a proprietary material made with long-chain polymers instead of the brittle and toxic epoxies and resins used in typical carbon fiber manufacturing. The distinct characteristic of FORGE+BOND’s nylon based thermoplastic material means that the products are not only uniquely engineered and manufactured for strength and durability but can be recycled to be reprocessed in any number of ways. The material can literally be made and remade forever, and the net goal is to waste nothing.

Normally, improving strength requires adding more material, which increases weight and decreases performance. But FORGE+BOND rims made with FUSIONFIBER® offer a smoother, faster, confidence-inspiring ride, and much higher impact resistance without additional weight. FORGE+BOND rims have been tested to withstand a minimum of 275% of the UCI standard for impact resistance and microscopic flexing allowed by the nylon material in FUSIONFIBER® provides a 50% or greater increase in damping while maintaining lateral stability. FORGE+BOND’s proprietary design and manufacturing process creates a lightweight wheel that is stronger and more durable, and a smoother ride without sacrificing trail feedback or control.

“With FUSIONFIBER®, we don't have to sacrifice stiffness to improve ride quality,” said Global Marketing Director Travis Tomczak. “We target the stiffness we want for maximum control and performance and the thermoplastic matrix acts as a damper to the entire system. By constantly iterating and gathering feedback from our testing team and athletes, we’ve created a wheel that gives riders the ability to charge through any terrain with confidence and control."


The team behind FORGE+BOND includes lifelong riders and racers to brilliant aerospace and professional auto racing engineers with over a hundred years of cumulative carbon composites expertise.

FORGE+BOND athletes include Red Bull Gravity Athlete Jill Kintner, Monster Gravity Athlete Mitch Ropelato, Cannondale Gravity Athlete Iago Garay, and Imaginary Collective riders TJ Eisenheart, Sydney Neilson, Truman Glasgow, and Andrew Dahleim.

F+B 30 EM 29” Wheel Specs

  • Rim weight: 530g
  • 28h wheelset weight (I9 Hydra): 1884g
  • 32h wheelset weight (I9 Hydra): 1982g
  • ERD: 594
  • Outer Rim Width: 38mm
  • Inner Rim Width: 30mm
  • Bead Wall Thickness: 4mm
  • Rim Depth: 22mm
  • Spoke Count: 28h or 32h
  • Spoke: Sapim D-Lite
  • Rim Type: Hookless / Tubeless
  • Hub Spec: Industry Nine Hydra
  • Tire Size Range: 2.3”-2.6”

F+B 25 GR 700c Wheel Specs

  • Rim weight: 380g
  • Wheel set weight (I9 Torch): 1510g
  • ERD: 592
  • Outer Rim Width: 31.4mm
  • Inner Rim Width: 25mm
  • Bead Wall Thickness: 3.2mm
  • Rim Depth: 25mm
  • Spoke Count: 24h
  • Spoke: Sapim CX Ray
  • Rim Type: Hookless / Tubeless
  • Hub Spec: Industry Nine Torch
  • Tire Size Range: 32c-48c

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