Finding Clarity

Date Feb 23, 2022

"We’ve all had those days. The clock ticks away with increasing volume, phones ring incessantly, and the hustle and bustle of the office slowly devours creativity. Sometimes you simply need to close your computer and reset. As an industrial designer at Evil Bikes, I’m part of a passionate team responsible for designing and shaping our bikes into what you see out on the trail. As you might expect, establishing and maintaining a steady flow of creativity is a must.

For me, creativity and clarity go hand-in-hand while riding. There’s nothing like being alone in the woods, ripping through fresh dirt, and enjoying the limitless self-expression of riding to fill the mind with good vibes and creativity. It’s the perfect remedy for the all too familiar mental block that slowly creeps in over the course of any work day. Luckily, Evil Bikes calls Bellingham (Washington, USA) home. With endless trails within pedal distance from the office, there’s no better way to recalibrate my thoughts than a proper lunch lap."

-Mike Giese, Industrial Design at Evil Bikes

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9 months, 1 week ago

Great clip! Cam and Trevor, next time we ride, I'll show you this trail. ;)


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