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Fall Impressions

Video Joey Schusler / Yeti Cycles
Date Sep 14, 2017

This is the second video we've seen this week that combines art and riding. As the season changes from the competitions and racing of summer to the adventuring and off-season of fall, it's refreshing to watch a very different take on the way that mountain bikes factor in to someone's lifestyle. Deep breaths, falling leaves, the stroke of a brush...this is a relaxing and inspiring short story about artist and rider Sarah Uhl.

Sarah, a freelance fine art and commercial artist, her work—and her play—all stems from flow. It’s why her mountain biking and her painting go hand in hand. Her goal is to share with other people whatever magic she sees in the world around her. 

Presented by: Yeti Cycles

Directed by: Craig Grant & Joey Schusler
Cinematography by: Joey Schusler
Edited by: Craig Grant
Sound Design: Keith White
Story Editors: Hilary Oliver, Brendon Leonard
Motion Graphics: Good Fortune Collective

Artist & Adventurer: Sarah Uhl

Gleam by A Taylor
Streaked Shearwater by Drexler
Flutter by A Taylor

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