EWS Whistler Results

Photos Cam McRae unless otherwise noted.

The first Sunday of Crankworx means it’s time for some Enduro racing, and today was Round 6: EWS Whistler. Below are your top 10 Men and Women and links to complete results.


Richie Rude dropping in on a rock face on Crazy Train (stage 2). He already had a rear flat by this point, but managed to lose only 35 seconds to stage winner Jesse Melamed. From then on, he swept stages 3, 4, and 5 and took the overall win.

EWS Whistler Results

Heading into the 5th stage, local boy Jesse Melamed was narrowly in the lead, by 1 second over Maes and 12 seconds over Josh Carlson. Then he put in another great performance and sat on the hot seat with one racer left to finish. Unfortunately for Melamed, that last racer was Richie Rude. Despite his obvious disappointment, Melamed still seemed to be thoroughly enjoying his incredible performance in front of his friends and family at home in Whistler.

1. Richie Rude
2. Jesse Melamed
3. Josh Carlson
4. Nico Lau
5. Martin Maes
6. Damien Oton
7. Sam Blenkinsop
8. Sam Hill
9. Curtis Keene
10. Justin Leov
12. Rémy Gauvin
14. Mckay Vezina

Full results at Crankworx.com


The scene from Melamed’s crash on stage 4 unfolded right in front of us. He cruised down a steep rock slab faster than anyone else and looked to have pulled it off until he blew the turn at the bottom. It took a few seconds to get up and sorted. Maybe the 7 seconds he needed for the win…

1. Cécile Ravanel
2. Isabeau Courdurier
3. Casey Brown
4. Miranda Miller
5. Anita Gehrig
6. Anneke Beerten
7. Carolin Gehrig
8. Ines Thoma
9. Leonie Picton
10. Vaea Verbeeck
12. Sarah Leishman
17. Katrina Strand

Full results at Crankworx.com


Casey Brown kicked ass and finished 3rd overall. Enduro World Series / Duncan Philpott


Your EWS Whistler 2016 podium. Enduro World Series / Duncan Philpott


Squamish resident Miranda Miller is almost a hometown girl in Whistler. She added to her good year with a 4th place finish. Enduro World Series / Duncan Philpott


Coudurier (left) and Ravanel share a moment at the finish of Stage 5. Enduro World Series / Duncan Philpott


Robin Wallner on the section that Melamed claimed – and then was re-claimed.


Alexander Cure came down stage 4 sounding like a horse dragging a rowboat down a railway. Then he flushed the same rock face (see the Melamed and Wallner photos above) without flinching.


Justin Leov looking smooth on his way to a 10th place overall finish.


Joe Barnes on Crazy Train. The hole at the bottom claimed a lot of PSI today.


Jérome Clementz rushes towards the finish of stage 4.


Martin Maes was 1 second out of first after 4 stages. He faded a bit on the Top of the World stage and ended up 5th overall.


They must have mixed up Brian Lopes’ entry, because he was racing in the Masters 40+ category aka ‘dudes with full-time jobs’. He won by three minutes. Enjoy the free gloves. Enduro World Series / Duncan Philpott


Melamed almost gave us a Rob Boyd moment, but his 2nd place and Casey and Miranda’s results were great.

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Enjoy the gloves….Got 'em!



We saw richie hit the very last section of Crazy Train, the section just after the rock slab left hander. We thought he was nearly the fastest thru there, then we realized he was riding with a flat. It was absolutely insane



nice to see Canadians finishing so well, too bad about Jesse though. he could have taken it all, so close…



We saw his one crash. It definitely didn't cost him 7 seconds. He was crushing it all day. Incredible that Richie rode most of Crazy Train with a flat and only lost 30 seconds. And then managed to earn it all back. He's a machine.

I thought it was unfortunate that the announcers either didn't know how much Richie had to beat Jesse by or didn't share it. Lots of numbers but you'd think they'd be able to figure that out before he crossed the line.



Yeh everytime another rider rolled in. "Well looks like they are off the pace for stage 5 but lets see if they can push for the top spot in overall, whats it gonna be!!!" I had way more idea of who was where coming in then they did. While I'm in complain mode, some footage of them dropping in to top of the world and or the Duffman drop would do way more in making a spectacle of it, but can see how production costs would maybe make it prohibitive.



Totally agree. And damn the cost - the Top of the World trailhead is so stunning that it's used to sell the EWS to the world. If they hope to keep encouraging people to tune in to watch that, they have a long way to go, and your suggestion would help make it way more exciting.



Couldn't agree more - if the EWS is the go-to rodeo for selling bikes, then that footage is the paydirt to reliably do it with. It's a justifiable cost really.


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