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EWS Madeira 2019 - Video Round-Up 2

Yoann Barelli Flying While Jabbering About Martin Maes

It's crazy to see how fast Yoann hits some of these sections after just a track walk. And he's talking the entire time to help us understand what's going on, or to teach us more about Martin Maes… Lee Trumpore—who's racing this weekend rather than shooting for Vital MTB—gets heckled hard for holding up traffic.

Jesse Melamed Riding Stage 4 – Loïc Bruni's Gamble Film Line

As if the trails for the Madeira EWS weren't already good enough, now they've got Loïc Bruni's line from Gamble Film as Stage 4. It features quite a few jumps and berms—possibly more than any other EWS—that are getting riders off their bikes to see how other their peers are hitting them.

Sam Hill's Suzuki Inspired Nukeproof Mega 290

To be honest, it's a bit ridiculous that wheelsize is still such a hot topic. But this is Sam Hill, the inside line maestro. Will he still be able to get those insides with the bigger wheels? Maybe he'll be smashing even more of them, we'll have to wait and see. It's a special build though and team manager, Nigel Page, walks us through what Sam will be racing in Madeira this weekend.

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