Enduro World Series Whistler - Final Results

Date Aug 12, 2018

The Enduro World Series round in Whistler is notorious as a 1-day sufferfest, and the 2018 edition lived up to this reputation. At the end of a gritty day of racing, it would be Martin Maes taking top spot on the podium, with Sam Hill delivering a smooth performance to land in second, while Eddie Masters opted to skip MSA in lieu of this race. Turns out it was a good decision, as he finished third overall in the Elite Men's category. 

In the Elite Women's division, Cecile Ravanel continues her utter domination of the field, putting over a 1:30 into second place Isabeau Courdurier, and nearly 3 minutes into Noga Korem in third. 

Check out the full results below, and stay tuned for more Enduro World Series action from Sobrarbe, Spain at the end of September. 

Elite Men

EWS Whistler Elite Men

Elite Women

EWS Whistler Elite Women

Full results for all categories can be found HERE.

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IslandLife  - Aug. 13, 2018, 3 p.m.

Local Cdn and Vancouver Island ripper Max McCulloch came 2nd in the U21 cat!!  Putting him 42nd overall!!  Future Canadian EWS elite ass kicker!


yahs  - Aug. 14, 2018, 7:47 a.m.

What would be great is some coverage of the local age groupers who compete on their own dime. Really could care less about the pros.


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