Endura Partners With Richmond Cycling Corps as Official Sponsor

As a sport, cycling can be a powerful force for positive change. It develops the rider’s confidence. It builds strength and endurance in body and mind. It teaches how to have grit and overcome obstacles. It creates community, purpose, and belonging. Not to mention that cycling is just plain fun! But for many, the high costs of bikes and gear have put the sport out of reach. Richmond Cycling Corps (RCC) is working to change that. A non-profit organization based in Richmond, Virginia, their goal is to break the cycle of poverty for young people through the power of bicycles. 

From their Legacy Cycling program (which includes a MTB team and road bike team) to casual recreational rides and community outreach, RCC is sharing the joys of cycling with low-income young riders in Richmond’s East End — at zero cost to their families.

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They’re also providing incredible new experiences. This summer, RCC took their Legacy Cycling team to Snowshoe Bike Park in West Virginia for a pre-season training camp with downhill racer DeAngelo Washington. The team normally rides and competes on cross-country trails, and many of the riders got to experience downhill riding for the first time at Snowshoe.

You can see the team’s skills — and excitement — grow with each new challenge. From rock drops to root sections, berms, and wall rides, the trip brought the team closer together and helped build their confidence. The lessons cycling teaches are just as valuable on the bike as off: the willingness to try new things, trust in yourself and your teammates, and mastery over your emotions, energy, and body. That’s what makes RCC’s work so important. More than just a race team, RCC helps their racers apply confidence on and off the bike with tutoring, navigating school, applying for colleges, finding housing, or anything else that might come up. 

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The young racers of Richmond Cycling Corps are dedicated, hard-working, and passionate. As one of RCC’s Grand Tour sponsors, Endura is proud to help the Legacy Cycling team look as professional as they ride by donating a full Endura Custom race kit to each rider. Endura has also provided funding to help RCC build additions to their Armstrong Bike Park. Endura would like to send a special thank you to Snowshoe Bike Park for assisting with bike park passes and lodging. 

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+1 Karl Fitzpatrick

That was so great, and inspiring to watch. Thanks to those who make this program happen. Also, love the jerseys with each kid’s name and number on the back.



Took me too long to watch this. 

Super cool.



It's freaking awesome when such brands put their money into cycling! And this is related to the topic of the argumentative essay on poverty on the samploon website because it's also a problem in our sport. Cycling requires a lot of money, which not everyone can afford. But when there are sponsors, it helps reduce this problem. I think this is an example of how a brand can help people who have fewer opportunities. So we should support such sponsors and brands like Endura, who are on the same wavelength as us, cyclists.


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