Weekend Warmup #122

E-Bike vs Porsche Taycan, 99% of Ocean Plastic Pollution Missing, The Pole Stamina Lighting up Loam & More

$2,000 E-Bike vs $200,000 Porsche Taycan (Mahalo My Dude)

Which shuttle vehicle will reign supreme? The Super 73 or the Porsche Taycan Turbo?

Why 99% of Ocean Plastic Pollution is "Missing" (Vox)

The plastic we dump into the ocean might be hiding in plain sight.

Stamina Remastered – Pole Bicycles Ambassador Blaise Wall

Pole Bicycles Ambassador Blaise Wall flat out but graceful through loam, mud and snow on the newly remastered Stamina. Some videos get the motivation to ride peaking – this is one example.

Retired – Calvin Huth

Some folks are born with all of the talent. Calvin Huth is an incredible filmer from Vancouver Island but he's also got moves on the bike. Calvin slung the camera over to Peter Jamison and proceeded to throw down bangers.

Feels good to log what will likely be my only edit of myself riding. – Calvin Huth

Home Sweet Home (Julian Wilson)

Julian Wilson hails from one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline on this blue marble we call, earth. The Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia is riddled with amazing beach and point breaks but often flies under the radar. Julian's also an avid dirt bike and mountain bike rider – he injured his shoulder riding his mountain bike while preparing for his 2018 W.C.T. campaign – and spends some time riding with Jack Moir when at his current home of Newcastle, Australia.

Julian recently returned home to the Sunshine Coast to visit family and friends, scoring some incredible waves while there.

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