Drop the Mic ft. Eliot Jackson

Eliot Jackson has sneaky superpowers. You might know him for his commentary skills as one of the voices of RedBull TV’s mountain bike coverage. Or you might know him from his amazing community-building and advocacy efforts with Grow Cycling. Or you might know him as being one of the most badass riders to ever scrub-whip a mountain bike.

Yeah, not as many people know the last one as they probably should. That’s because Eliot took a backseat from racing some time ago and then transitioned to all the other good work that now gets him out of bed in the morning.

Eliot is a busy guy and doesn’t get much time to ride, so the Heckler SL allows him to get out fast and make that time count. The powerful motor gets him to the top of the trails fast and then the lightweight bike allows him to ride just like he’s on a regular trail bike.


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+1 Pete Roggeman

Mmmm that score, so good


Where the hell is that? 

Looks a little like Bellingham. but I don't think it is.

Edit - apparently it's Vancouver Island? Maybe Tzouhalem?


+1 Cam McRae

Definitely not Tzou.. most likely Prevost?


+3 Cam McRae Koelschejung Pete Roggeman

Apparently it was shot on Tzouhalem and Prevost. I loved that edit. That first shot is incredible, I loved the pacing of the slow motion shots, the riding was amazing, visual feast of a forest, and the music choice was spot on. I just want to go and ride my bike after watching that.


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