Digger Needs New Knees

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If you have ever ridden and enjoyed a wooden feature on a mountain bike trail, you owe Todd "Digger" Fiander a debt of gratitude. It's likely that he has been the most influential trail builder ever but his contribution goes beyond ladder bridges, teeter totters and roller coasters. Digger has been at the forefront in terms of trail bed durability and water management as well. And let's not forget the years he spent making his North Shore Extreme video series, sharing the riding that was going on here with the rest of the world.


Just one of many innovations Digger is responsible for. 

If you've seen Digger in the last few years you may have noticed he hasn't been moving as fast as he used to. It turns out that Digger needs both knees replaced. The Canadian medical system will cover the cost of his surgeries and rehab, but he won't be able to work during that time, and it costs money being a living legend even when you are at home recuperating. 


It's been a few years since Digger has saddled up himself so his time spent building has become a labour of love for any rider who comes to visit the North Shore. If you've ridden Ladies Only lately you'll notice that he hasn't slowed down any, and you'll be amazed that even shortly after a rain you'll be hard pressed to find a single puddle. His trail building is next level and it rubs off on everyone here and abroad. 

So now that you know who Digger is, I'm going to ask you to give him a hand if you are able. His knees need to be done one at a time so he'll need a good chunk of change to get through this.

Here's the link to the Gofundme Campaign

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Don't upgrade your bike this summer, upgrade Digger's knees.


+2 Cooper Quinn Cam McRae

Great cause
Support those who dig, because contrary to popular belief, trails don't spontaneously emerge from the ground after a meaningful stare. (I'm hope I don't need new knees. My shoulders are pretty rooted and that's hard enough...)


+1 Cam McRae



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