DIALED - Behind the Scenes of the 2019 DH World Cup

Date Apr 20, 2019

Behind every podium is the multi-faceted story of grit, preparation and support. Beginning April 22nd, FOX will take viewers behind the scenes of the 2019 UCI World Cup race series, providing an insider’s view on what it takes to support a team of world class athletes.

The Dialed series will be creating daily content in the week leading up to each race and will be present for all DH events and select XC stops.

When the margins of World Cup victories are often measured within hundredths of seconds, the perfect suspension tune can be the difference between a career-defining result and mid-pack disappointment. Dialed will follow seasoned FOX Factory Race Tech Jordi Cortes from stop to stop as he helps dial in athletes’ suspensions while handling the potential pressure of his work having a direct impact on the make or break of their races.


As FOX supports many factory teams and elite athletes, there’s a unique psychological relationship between Jordi, the athletes he works with, and between teammates themselves. Dialed offers a window into these relationships, as well as pulls back the curtain on the tips and techniques used to tune suspension for various riders and terrain.


Dialed will be hosted on FOX’s new MTB-specific Instagram channel: @RideFoxBike, with the first episode dropping on April 22nd from Maribor, Slovenia.

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