Colin Meagher
Give you motherhuckers.

Dear Santa: Dave Smith's List

Words Dave Smith
Photos Dave Smith & Paris Gore
Date Dec 18, 2018

I like shiny new stuff - and I mean who doesn't - but this year my note to Santa is somewhat more in the nature of a gentle reminder to our readers to help those in need. I don't want to be preachy but I'm encouraging you all to consider these people and causes in amongst your annual pocket emptying. 

Header image by Paris Gore.


Help Colin Meagher battle ALS.

As many of you may know, legendary outdoor photographer Colin Meagher is battling ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), a truly debilitating fu<k of a disease that threatens his life and his family’s future.

Colin is a father and husband, an acclaimed photographer, and a true friend and mentor to countless mountain bikers around the world. ALS is robbing Colin of his life, his livelihood and, if we don’t pitch in to help with his rapidly-growing medical expenses, his family’s finances.

On a personal note, I can't remember a point in the last 20 years that I wasn't admiring Colin's work as a mountain bike photographer and I firmly believe he is one of those guys that has helped shape the way the story of our sport is told. Moreover, when I began taking photos and posting my work on Instagram he was one of those people I looked up to and took seriously when they commented and/or encouraged me to keep clicking away. Thank You, Colin. And give that miserable fu,k of a disease some hell.

Here is the link to his gofundme page with a number of items up for auction so there are multiple ways to help.

Have a listen to his story over at Vital's inside line podcast.


Give to Your Good Trails People

In much the same way that chopping wood twice warms the axe-wielder, giving a few bucks to your local trail association like the NSMBA here in North Vancouver will make you feel pretty good in a multitude of ways. 

1) You can sleep better and generally feel pretty good about giving to a good cause.

2) You can feel pretty good about your cash helping maintain and expand our local trail network.

3) You body will feel pretty good because it hasn't been pounded to death by merciless jank and braking bumps.

4) You can feel pretty good (but not too great about riding trails all winter long when you should really be giving them a break you selfish fun-hogging bastards) because there are good people in our midst who will buff those corners and rebuild those bridges.  

That's it, that's all. Now go spread some love around, you motherhuckers! 



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+3 Pete Roggeman Cooper Quinn AJ Barlas
E-wok  - Dec. 18, 2018, 8:04 a.m.

Dear Dave, 

I bet Santa wishes there were more people like you, who prefer altruistic gift giving to massive over consumption. What a refreshing list!

You made my holiday


+5 Mammal AJ Barlas Cr4w E-wok natbrown
Cooper Quinn  - Dec. 18, 2018, 9:28 a.m.

They say Dave's heart grew three sizes that day. 


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