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Dark Horse Invitational 2023

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This last weekend in August saw the Dark Horse Invitational take place in Revelstoke, B.C. The brain child of Casey Brown, this event brings together some of the top female mountain bike athletes in the world alongside talented up and comers. The multi-day event includes a gym session, yoga, nutrition education and plenty of riding, including the free ride course that is judged by peers to determine who deserves the coveted title of The Dark Horse. 


Revelstoke Mountain Resort received a ton of rain prior to the event, slowing down the course. The riders took moments before and in-between trail maintenance to take it all in.


Mia Moore, a talented young Slopestyle athlete, took a back flip from air bag to mulch.


Lucy Van Eesteren sending it over the shark fin, a new feature to the course this year. Alan Mandel was one of the lead builders and the brains behind the changes.


Vinny Armstrong making the biggest hit on the course look like light work.


Speaking of Vinny, she took home 'Best Whip'. It wasn't a surprise at all.


Big time air. Emma Olofsson absolutely threw down with a full trick bag.


Kirsten Van Horne with a Suicide off the starting drop.


A huge shout out to Louise Hatton for organizing the event.

Awards are as follows:

Natasha Bradley took home the ‘True Blue’ award for her continuous hype.

Mia Moore walked away with the ‘Let Er’ Buck’ award for going big, no matter the slams.

As mentioned, Vinny Armstrong walked away with the 'Wild Jane’ award recognizing the rider with the best whip.

Georgia Astle showed strong mentorship throughout the week of events and was awarded the ‘Stay Gold’ award.

And finally, the Dark Horse’ award was given to Morgan Antone, an extrodinary young rider from New Zealand.

Watch for video from Dark Horse popping up soon.

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+2 Pete Roggeman capnron

Some really great pics there Hailey. Looks like a cool event.


+1 BarryW

Thank you. It was really incredible all a round!


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