Crashing and Laughing

Video Moose Mandible

We are inundated daily by videos featuring pros of all kinds, sponsored riders and other rippers, making it look easy on the bike while they do things most of us can only imagine. And sometimes we get a glimpse of the outtakes as well. This video features no pros, but what it lacks in sponsored talent, it makes up for in good old-fashioned carnage. This crew seems to wear POV cameras a lot, and we’re so glad they do, because there is a lot of crashing in here – often from multiple angles.

And laughs. Lots of laughs. It’s not the most polished video you’ll see this week, but it might be the most fun. The nostalgia should run deep as you remember similar days with friends on the the hill.

Watching people wipe out never gets old when they pop up right away gigging.

Tags: carnage, Crashing, POV
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