Crankworx Whip-Off Photo Bonanza!
Here Comes The Whips Again

Crankworx Whip Off Photo Bonanza!

Words Kaz Yamamura
Photos Kaz Yamamura
Date Aug 17, 2018

Another Crankworx, another whip-off. This year there was no qualifier, so either you were in or you were out. The crowd numbers have definitely grown since the first WOW and it's become the 2nd most attended event at Crankworx - despite the mandatory 20-minute hike for those without bikes. 

Vaea Verbeeck flying the Canada Flag.

Vaea Verbeeck has got Canada on her arm. Not sure about her pockets.

North Van local Caleb Holonko going high and sideways.

North Vancouver local Caleb Holonko boosting and getting it sideways.

YouTube trials sensation Fabio Wibmer.

YouTube sensation Fabio Wibmer boosting off one side of the lip...

Fabio pretty much not landing on the landing.

...and landing on the edge, just like a white winged dove.

Whistler local Jaime Hill took home 3rd in the women's field.

Whistler local Jaime Hill taking the 3rd spot in the women's field.

Casey Brown on the set-up jump on the way to 1st.

Casey Brown setting up for her 1st place finish.

Past winner Finn Iles.

Past winner Finn Iles smoothly operating.

Total Eclipse Of The Whip. Brendan Howey.

Total Eclipse of the Howey.

And he does it again. Santa Cruze team manager Allan Cooke takes home the gold.

1st place finisher Allan Cooke pushing it to the limit.

Two Almonds Better Ham with a free boost and whip clinic for the young guns.

Thomas Vanderham showing the younger riders how to a) boost, b) get it sideways, and c) reach the podium.

Tag-team tango.

Oh, I wanna ride with somebody.
I wanna feel the whip with somebody.

Party master Ryan Howard.

Party connoisseur Ryan Howard.

World Cup retiree Manon Carpenter getting sideways. She would end up 2nd.

World Cup retiree Manon Carpenter whipping into 2nd.

Undeniably the crowd favourite, Damon Iwanaga.

Damon Iwanaga was undeniably the crowd favourite. Ask anyone and they'll tell you the crowd volume was raised to 11 every time Damon got sideways.

Damon Iwanaga is definitely a fluent Japasteeze speaker.

He might be born in the USA, but Damon is still fluent in the language of Japasteeze. He definitely should have won.


Aggy on his smooth Kona Operator.

Another style wizard Dustin Gilding.

Another style wizard, Dustin Gilding.

Aggy encountered some harsh headwind on his first run through, so he cranked up the speed for his next run. Unfortunately the wind had died, and he ended up overshooting the jump and had a nasty ragdoll. He was eventually able to get up, but will defnitely be taking some time off the bike. Heal up soon!

The younger Seagrave, Kaos.

The younger Seagrave, Kaos.

Past winner Bernardo Cruz

Bernardo Cruz looked to be on cruise control today and had some consistently past 90 whips.

Carson Storch in 2nd.

Carson Storch with a scorcher into 2nd place.

DJ Brandt and Ethan Nell

America's favourite couple, DJ Brandt and Ethan Nell.

Walking home with extra dough this year were:


  1. Allan Cooke
  2. Carson Storch
  3. Thomas Vanderham


  1. Casey Brown
  2. Manon Carpenter
  3. Jaime Hill

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+2 Paul Lindsay Kaz Yamamura
mrbrett  - Aug. 17, 2018, 7:40 p.m.

Someone worked long and hard on these captions.


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