Coast Gravity Park Announces Opening Date

Date Apr 8, 2014

From the inception of this project we knew we were embarking on a long and challenging road. As we sit now we are still nowhere near the end of that road. We have learned many things along the way, gone through ups and downs, fought doubt, and sacrificed our bodies to move mountains of loam and dirt. But this dream is not all about us, it’s about you – the mountain bike community. It is because of you that we were able to get here.


Coast Gravity Park lives by a pretty simple rule – For riders by riders. This is the most amazing thing about this project – the support. With no major outside investment or support other than from our Indiegogo supporters, we were able to build the park out to where it is today. From skill building green trails to expert level jump trails we have something for everyone to come and enjoy.

We are very excited to announce our opening date will be May 10th 2014 ! You can now go to our website to book your riding days in advance. For 2014 we are opening with a shuttle service to get you to the top of our trails. To provide you with the best experience possible we have limited amount of seats available per day, so book now and come enjoy the freshest trails out there! CGP is a work in progress, and will be constantly evolving and changing around you and your feedback. From new trails & amenities all the way up to future lift plans, it will all be built around ridership. More riders means more trails. To grow we need you out here on our trails.

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About CGP: Coast Gravity Park is the Sunshine Coast’s first gravity fed mountain bike facility. Located just 3km from Sechelt, riders of all levels will experience trails built and designed by the world-renowned builders and riders The Coastal Crew. The current trail network appeals to a wide spectrum of rider styles and capabilities ranging from beginner green wide-open machine built trails to technical black diamond downhill trails. For more information and bookings, please visit

About The Coastal Crew: The Coastal Crew is a group of young multitalented mountain bikers from the Sunshine Coast. Over the years they have built countless trails and signature features for several pro riders and high end films. Nothing exemplifies the time and effort The Coastal Crew put into their films better than the trails they build.

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Big thanks to the Wilderness Crew & Ja De for allowing us to use their tunes!

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Maxi Schupp  - April 9, 2014, 2:19 p.m.

im so fkn envious -.- now i hate living in germany even more thx for that ;D


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