Catching up With Kyle Norbraten

Date Aug 13, 2020

While he's more focused on work these days, Kyle Norbraten is still a beast on the bike. A crew from Tannus Tire Inserts caught up with him earlier this year, and dug into what he's up to now.

Kyle Norbraten is a family name among bike industry veterans. A participant in six Red Bull Rampages, he is known for his freeride roots and raw, aggressive style. Tannus takes a look into his life in 2020, understanding how he’s developed and refocused his goals in life.

Kyle set his sights early on to compete on the big stage of Rampage. His goal was never to win, but to participate and showcase to the world what he was capable of. His infamous run of 2012 began the “#NorbsGotRobbed” hashtag, after a flat-drop spin didn’t get scored as high as fans were hoping. He continued competing, and in an epic twist, proposed to his girlfriend in the finish coral in 2015. He competed one more year in 2016, but when he was asked to be considered for 2017, felt he had accomplished what he had set out to do, and wanted to see the new riders compete in the event he’d grown to love.


Kyle found a new skill outside of riding doing electrical work, and has now made it a full time career, even going back to school to be an electrician. He’s still on the bike most every day, with support from his sponsors, but enjoys knowing he also has a stable career that will allow him to refocus his goals in life.

“I like the flexibility my career has. I know I can have a job doing the work I do even in difficult times or in new places,” said Kyle.


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