Canvas – Bas Van Steenbergen

Words A.J. Barlas
Video Calvin Huth
Date Apr 1, 2021

It's early in the year but Bas and Calvin's latest video release is firmly cemented at the top of my list of top videos for 2021. Incredible talent on the bike and unreal work with the camera work and editing collide with the beautiful landscape of Virgin Utah. I don't like hearing people say "Must Watch" because it's said to often, but this is a fitting example.

From Bas:

"Canvas refers to the open landscape that is Utah. With the ability to build and ride exactly what you can invision... As a rider, does it get any better than that?

Having competed in Rampage on multiple occasions, it was a treat to be able to visit the desert without all the stress of Redbull Rampage. To build, film and ride for three weeks straight with Calvin Huth and Peter Jamison was an absolute blast.

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