Cairns World Championships - Highlights and Winning Runs

Gathered in one spot for your viewing pleasure are not only the Elite highlights from Cairns, but both gold medal runs from Miranda Miller and Loic Bruni. Now the only thing left to do is mark your calendar for April 21st, 2018 when DH racing returns for a fresh season. 

Elite Men's Highlights

Loic Bruni's Winning Run

Elite Women's Highlights

Miranda Miller's Winning Run

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Great coverage UCI! We got to see a total of 44 seconds of Loic's 3:26 run... and 43 seconds of Miranda's run 4:20 run. That's 21%  and 17% of their respective races.  

I guess the fact that the live feed wasn't available in Canada is really only a 19% let-down.


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