Built By: Jim - Getting to Know One of Squamish's Original Trail Builders

This is the first episode of MGM Alternative’s 'BUILT BY:' series where we learn a little more about the people who have shaped our community and without even knowing it, given us personally so much in return. For the first year of our channel, MGM Alternative will donate all the money generated from YouTube ad revenue to our local trail association SORCA. So by watching, liking and subscribing you’re in turn, helping out the trails that so many people enjoy!

In an area within walking distance from school and close enough to 7/11 for all the forbidden after-school snacks, Coho Park is a sanctuary where there is constant building and riding to be had. On trails like 7Up and 4Play, there have been 1000 renditions of the same trail by 1000 different kids. Ourselves included. The original trails are still the main blueprint but they’ve been updated over the last 20 years to shape another new rider’s dream. We’ve always loved trails like 7Up and 4Play as they are never tired of or forgotten about, but always evolving. They have supplied pleasure and recreation to multiple generations of young riders.

Not long after we graduated high school and Coho Park was taken over by the next wave of riders, a new trail ‘Credit Line’ was built. It was fast, fresh and was full of roots and rocks but had awesome corners and flowed together.

So what do Credit Line, 7up and 4Play have in common? They were all built by Jim Harvey. Along with countless other Squamish classics that have all truly stood the test of time. Thousands of rides later and they’re still staples and favourites among our riding community. We talk to Jim to learn more about where he came from, his path through life and how trail building and cycling became part of his journey. He talks of his evolution as a trail builder, his misdemeanours, and his love for the outdoors and the area we live in. Listening to Jim speak he has the enthusiasm of someone half his age. He has an excitement about his work for the experience it can create. It feels like his desire for exciting and unique experiences, good or bad, has steered Jim through his life.

We’re standing on the side of Man Boobs, in the late afternoon, and there is a constant stream of people. It is obvious that they are in the middle of their own unique and exciting experience. A break from the stress and an outlet for their energy, riding down the trail that was built by Jim.

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