Brandon Semenuk – Along for the Ride

A true trailblazer in every sense of the word, Freeride Mountain Biker Brandon Semenuk prefers the path less traveled. More accurately, the non-existent path, and often the path with most resistance. Growing up racing bikes the Whistler-based pro athlete quickly mastered the usual courses. With a true ‘If it doesn’t exist, build it’ mentality, he ventured off the beaten path in search of a more creative space to ride. Deep in the woods, beyond the rules and regulations of conventional racing, Semenuk constructs his own courses to ride freely in an environment that’s allowed him to become the 3-time FMB World Tour Gold Medalist that he is today.

In collaboration with friend and filmmaker Rupert Walker, Semenuk finds artistic expression on the long and winding dirt road to success. With their symbiotic work flow the two shine light on the creativity behind both freeride mountain biking and unconventional recreationalist who prefer to go their own way.

Who are the other great creative pairings of our day?

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That is a sweet vid, 100% justifiably highlighting the outstanding creative media that Revel Co produce. This #thecreatorclass thing, which I understand is a media producer (independent of Revel Co) aiming to highlight action sports media, irks the shit out of me in terms of the name and implied brand. I'm guessing (hoping) it's just ignorance on their part about the role of class in maintaining inequality for 100s of years. If it's knowingly implying some sort of special status relative to the plebs viewing this stuff, they can go fuck themselves, or at the very least broaden their horizons.



Awesome. I could watch him/them all day.


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