Big Bike Boosting, Schralping and Scrubbing

Photos The Coastal Crew
Video Dylan Dunkerton
Date Jan 27, 2016

Coast Gravity Park is a park by riders for riders. Our goal is to create an awesome environment where people can come and enjoy our unique take on what a bike park should be like. A huge part of this environment is created by all the iconic features that were built around the park by several pro riders over the years. We want to support these athletes and provide a platform where they can build whatever they can dream of.


Brendan Howey slaying his dream line. Photo – Coastal Crew

Brendan Howey has been with us from the beginning as trail crew and patrol – and in early 2015 he began making his mark by building his ideal big bike jump line.

Featuring: Brendan Howey
Shot & Edited: Dylan Dunkerton
Photography: The Coastal Crew
Music: The Format (feat. Masta Ace & Mr. Sos) by Cunninlynguists
Courtesy: Ineffable Music Group

You don’t have to ride like Brendan to ride Coast Gravity – go get some!
Coast Gravity Park is open right now.


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Pete Roggeman
6 years, 5 months ago

I think it has to be said that this is a phenomenal piece of work. We see so much video every day now that I think we're becoming a bit immune to all the brilliance being put out there. Brendan, Dylan, and the others involved in this: that was incredible.


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