Behind the Machine Shop Curtain

Photos Sterling Lorence and Taylor Loughran.
Video Artbarn.
Date Feb 13, 2013

Race Face is proud to make all of their SIXC cranks in their facility near Vancouver, BC. The demand for these parts is obviously good: they are expanding the carbon production facility keeping more jobs here and solidifying the brand’s Canadian heritage. At 650 grams for a DH crank with ring, you’re not going to find a lighter crank that can take this much abuse…

Race Face and Artbarn give you an extremely rare glimpse behind the machine shop walls of the brand’s Canadian carbon crank manufacturing facility. Follow the coveted SIXC crank from carbon roll cutting, through hand crafted layup, final in-house moulding and chainring production.

To keep up with the demand and maintain the level of quality the customer expects, Race Face is expanding the Canadian based carbon crank facility – integrating a new carbon press and cutting stations on line. The additions are scheduled for early spring and will double the manufacturing power and output.


Cutting fresh carbon…


Post-layup machining.


Turbine chainring tooling.


The finished product. A 650g DH crank with a selection of little rubber boots so you can “be wrappin’ it”.

Carbon cranks come from sheets of carbon? Who knew!

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Jeff at the Bikeroom  - Feb. 14, 2013, 10:11 a.m.

Its cool to see where RF has come from and now where they are going. The product just keeps getting better and better.


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