Back Home at Banshee

Date Feb 10, 2014

Jack Fogelquist has re-signed with Banshee after two years riding Nukeproof frames. He’s obviously very happy to be back on a rider-owned company and doesn’t leave much on the table…

“I am not a disposable marketing tool to the guys at Banshee; we are a group of riders and friends who are stoked to help each other out. Lastly, their bikes are the best that I have ridden. Banshee’s frames suit my style of riding more than any other bike that I have found, and I can’t help but feel simply comfortable on them . . . it feels unreal to be back on bikes that make riding a lot more fun for me, and the Darkside looks to be no exception, encapsulating everything that I love in a big bike.”

He puts his money where his mouth is with a rippin’ Spitfire edit from the dusty trails of Santa Cruz…

Looks like Fogel’s already enjoying the Spitfire…

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