Attempted Wheel Destruction with Danny MacAskill

First announced back in June, Santa Cruz has been promising that their Reserve Carbon Wheels would be made available for aftermarket purchase. Priced at $2099 CAD ($1599 US) for a set with DT-Swiss 350 hubs, or $2499 CAD ($1899 US) with Industry 9 Torch hubs they're definitely not a budget option, but given the beating that they've taken from the likes of Danny MacAskill and Ratboy, one would guess that you won't be buying too many. Catch the release video from Santa Cruz below, and click through to the site for full details. 

When we introduced our Reserve carbon wheels back in June we said they’d be available for purchase aftermarket sometime in the future. Today is that day. 

You can now order Reserves as a wheelset from your local Santa Cruz retailer. These are the strongest wheels on the market and they’re proven by Danny MacAskill.

See the new video of Danny pushing his Reserves to the limit on the streets of Glasgow and then get all the pricing and details for ordering aftermarket right here

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