It’s All About the Artist’s Touch

Date Jul 2, 2015

Fine art is something we’ve never really understood here at Weekend Warmup. Between post-modernist, deconstructionist and neo-realism, we’re left scratching our heads. That being said when we see something we like, we don’t hesitate to call it what it is: art.

Jumping Into the Abyss

Cliff jumping is risky business at the best of times, but when you’ve had a disastrously low snowpack year, the pucker factor is on a whole other level.

Glenn Salyers’ Crazy 2015

The tech style this guy puts out is absolutely insane.

Show Reel of the Year?

We occasionally like to feature show reels here on Weekend Warmup. This is one of the best, hands-down.

Crushing Barrels on a Skimboard

We can’t even surf this well, let alone execute the jetski step-off required for this.


“Even if you think you didn’t notice him, you can almost taste the lingering freedom in the air.”

Wingsuit Flying Through a 2-Metre Cave

This level of insanity needs a soft padded room and a snugly fitting jacket.

The Original Bubba Scrub

“It’s scary, the full-on Bubba Scrub…I don’t do it often, so I make it count.”

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