Not Another Winter Edit?

Video Caldwell Visuals
Date Jan 1, 2015

With swathes of winter mountain bike ‘edits’ floating around the interweb every year, here at Dirt we decided to do things properly and bring you a New Years Day treat. We thought, what would people like to see? We’re guessing something along the lines of a 130mm trail bike, many hucks, gaps and loose corners. You tell us if we were right and all of the above is brought to you by 16 year old Elliot Heap, mainly sideways or in the air!

This is an example of the potential the UK has for winter trail bike riding.. exactly what you could be doing right now – so get that bike back out!

Thanks to DirtTV!

Got some adjectives for us?

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Satchel Cronk
7 years, 9 months ago

That was rad.


Jonathan Harris
7 years, 9 months ago



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