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AFTERLIFE: Brandon Semenuk

AFTERLIFE: Brandon Semenuk

Brandon Semenuk rides the Canadian Badlands with both his trail and slopestyle bikes, sculpting unique features into the hostile landscape. The project was shot by Brandon’s long-time collaborators Isaac Wallen, Nic Genovese, Anthony Vitale and Toby Cowley. The build was brought to life by Kane Boyce, Justin Wyper and Evan Young, three of Brandon’s most trusted builders.

This out-of-this-world terrain is located two hours outside of Calgary, AB and is commonly used for hard enduro races (like Red Bull Outliers), but had never been used for a large mountain bike project before. The landscape is unique in Canada, seemingly similar to the mesas of Utah that are home to Red Bull Rampage.

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Editing: Isaac Wallen
Cinematography: Isaac Wallen, Nic Genovese
Additional Cinematography: Anthony Vitale
Builders: Evan Young, Justin Wyper, Kane Boyce
Photography: Toby Cowley

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