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Words Pete Roggeman
Date Apr 15, 2017

There is so much trite video and writing out there about athletes and how they approach their sport. If you said this video was about Aaron Gwin's approach to racing, I might not even want to watch it. Hard work, dedication, perseverance, blah blah, look over there, my coffee mug's empty. But this one is a little different. Yep, Gwin talks a bit about his back story (but not too much) and about the importance of self-belief and analytical improvement. However what makes this interesting is the juxtaposition with him riding and coaching kids on the BMX track. Seeing him interact with them in such a relaxed and genuine way is heartening. He really is just that guy from down the street that goes super fast on two wheels, but would be happy to water your lawn when you're gone for the weekend.

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