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Mark Scott is not your average EWS - sorry, EDR - racer. He is one of those, but he also likes big epic rides and going for FKTs (Fastest Known Times). I met Mark when I visited Scotland to ride and write about the Tweed Valley back in 2019. He's a well-liked part of the multi-layered fabric of tight knit MTB society in the Tweed Valley. Enough lame clothing puns, let's button this up so you can get to the video. Mark decided he wanted to ride all 44 trails that comprise the Golfie in Caberston Forest - one of the Tweed Valley's most well-known trail networks.

It's heroic just to attempt it. The video does a great job telling the story.

The Numbers

44 Trails
146.3 kms
8,287 meters
21:24:36 time ridden
13,909 calories

The Bike

I'm not a big fan of typical bike checks, but in this case, I thought it was interested to see what Mark decided to ride for 21 effing hours:

Congratulations to Mark, and to Tommy Wilkinson and team for telling the story so well.

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