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9Point8 Introduces the Digit

Date Apr 5, 2017

Known for developing the Fall Line dropper post and licensing the tech for other brands, 9Point8 have partnered with Wolf Tooth Components to craft an all-new lever that is compatible with any DropLoc post, and pairs nicely with both I-Spec and Matchmaker handlebar mounts. Get the full scoop from 9Point8 after the break.

Introducing the Digit under-bar remote from 9point8.  Working with Wolf Tooth Components, 9point8 has developed a custom lever designed specifically to work with DropLoc™ seatposts like the 9point8 Fall Line.


The 9point8 Digit has been developed to provide perfect ergonomic position and the optimum leverage ratios for DropLoc seatposts.  Using the best-in-class architecture from the award-winning Wolf Tooth ReMote, and 9point8 engineering, the Digit provides unmatched actuation for one-by cockpits and the positioning flexibility of a 22.2mm hinged handlebar clamp.


The Digit is made for 9point8 by Wolf Tooth Components of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The Digit shares the ReMote’s proven low-friction bearing, breakaway axle, and is compatible with integrated Wolf Tooth mounts for Shimano I-Spec and SRAM MatchMaker brake levers. 

  • Lever geometry and leverage ratios designed specifically for DropLoc seatposts like the 9point8 Fall Line
  • UpFront cable fixing  
  • Large-diameter 21mm cartridge-bearing pivot
  • Weight: 36.8g
  • Cable-kind clamp, excellent cable routing 
  • Available integrated brake lever mounting 
  • Low-profile 9point8-specific lever
  • Integrated cable adjustment
  • Inexpensive and readily-available breakaway axle pivot
  • Made exclusively for 9point8 by Wolf Tooth Components

The Digit is available with any 9point8 seatpost purchase for an additional $18USD, or as a standalone product for $69.95USD. Available now through 9point8 authorized resellers and from 

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Dean  - April 6, 2017, 7:52 a.m.

I can personally attest to the quality and craftsmanship of the WolfTooth remote which it top shelf.  This remote for 9point8 should work really well.

I am curious about the differences in the "Lever geometry and leverage ratios".  Does the 9point8 lever have more or less cable pull with the push of the lever compared to a standard WolfTooth lever?


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